Event Review: Texas Toy Show

We got a chance to enjoy the Texas Toy Show a few weeks ago and we had a great time. This is a smaller event that lasts for 1 day and happens every two months but it had a pretty good selection. If you are a fan of #pops or #comics this is a great event for you to get out to. They had some great guests that made it out also for their event. We got a chance to meet a great #anime character goods vendor there too. The people over at Kawaii Otaku Plus are great and are opening a shop up in the Music City Mall in Lewisville TX very soon.

For their area and set up they did a great job. Overall we have nothing negative to say about the event itself and we hope it does great things in the future. This was a $10 a person event and you got an entry into a raffle with the purchase of your wristband. We thought this was a great way to increase potential attendance and to overall market the event. Definitely a great family event that allowed you to pay a little and enjoy an outing.

We thought our new friends had a great spot also set up in the center of the event. As there were other things going on over that specific weekend the attendance seemed kind of low. However most of the vendors we spoke to let us know that they anticipated it. We hope their next event has a bigger turn out! We look forward to the next one and we hope to see how it all comes together! We are all about the Anime community but love seeing events in Texas with strong Anime turnouts. It is also great to see events coming back, one day or otherwise.

From the entrance to the exit there were roughly 4 areas to walk through. Some with multiple vendors and some were packed to the brim by individual vendors. We would say if you get a chance for the next show you should take a look.

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