Vendor Review - The Raven's Nest

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

As one of the companies I have worked with the longest The Raven's Nest gets the honor of being my first vendor review. The owner, Stephen, and I have helped each other off and on throughout the years either by me finding product for him or him needing website and business help. This is a great family owned and operated business with everyone working hard to make it better. They are currently in the process of trying to move from a Kiosk in the Stonebriar Mall into a storefront. I say moving however it's more of second location because the Kiosk will still be open if he has any say to it.

He maintains being as competitive as he can due to where he is and the items he gets in are great. He has recently agreed to work with A.C.E Anime & Gaming as his supplier and we will do everything in our power to get him some of the best products we can.

My Background With The Raven's Nest

I was introduced to The Raven's Nest by random luck. Someone I was talking to while driving for Uber told me about a shop out in Frisco, TX that was small but the owner was nice. And I don't know about you but when I have a stranger randomly telling me about how much they like a place that sales Anime I don't see any harm in going to go check it out. Well when I got to the mall I parked on the wrong side by accident because I didn't know where exactly they were located. It was worth the walk to the other side of the mall because I went from not knowing him to having a nearly three hour long conversation about anime and selling it. I plan on interviewing the owner and his team sooner or later to post it up. I would like to do the same with most other vendor's I work with.


The kinds of products carried at The Raven's Nest range from stickers to larger figures. The company has a good amount of moderate competition inside the mall but no anime specific competition and because of that they work to have new and unique products. Some things he carries that threw me off initially were Anime Pops because I didn't really view them as that kind of collectible product in terms of Anime. However, I have been pleasantly surprised to find out that they are a number one seller for him.

His figures are from a selection of brands such as Banpresto, Bandai, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Sega and FuRyu. These are some of the most iconic brands in the industry and the figures they have been producing recently are amazing.

The Team

His team consists of four other employees all have their own strengths and energy they bring to the small kiosk in the mall. One makes decals for car windows and other surfaces with a dream to start making fan art sweatshirts. Another, is a natural salesperson who can win a deal just as easy as he can talk about an anime. All of the employees are a pleasure to work with and love anime which makes them great to chat with. You can easily get lost in a twenty to thirty minute conversation with any of them which is great in my book.

Overall Impressions

The kiosk environment where not as inviting as a storefront would be has a lot of warmth because of the employees and the excitement of the owner. If you are an Anime fan then you would be welcome to carry on a conversation just as easily as buying a product. Considering all the employees are Anime fans themselves they will know titles and characters that you would be looking for, and they will gladly help you look through their posters for what you want. With all of these things brought together my overall impressions are that it a great little family shop and I can't wait to see what they do over the next six months to a year because I see greatness for them.